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Thread: Hogdon H4350 verses Hogdon H4831 for 6.5x55

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    Hogdon H4350 verses Hogdon H4831 for 6.5x55

    Hi, as anyone ever used Hogdon H4831 for a 129 gr interlock or 140 gr interlock in 6.5x55 ? I normally use Hogdons H4350 but owing to these shortages of reloading supplies I'm going to have to start using the H4831 for a while instead. Obviously I'm going to work up the load from my manuals safe minimum load and use the chrono etc.etc..
    I am interested to know what experience anyone has with this powder and what the difference is between it and my normal H4350. I only bought it because its all they had that my manual recomends.
    If anyone has any good info or links to somewhere which has the info then I'd be most greatly thankful indeed.
    Kindest regards, Olaf

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    Try here -

    or try and get the data from quickload for a good guide.

    I use Varget in my 6.5 with good results.
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    I couldn't get H4831SC to work as well as H4350 but Reloader 19 works very well and surprisingly perhaps so does H4895 with Varget a close third in my rifle.

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    I use a TikkaT3 light 6.5x55, after testing RL19 (which I use in my 30.06) and Varget I find that my Tikka likes Hodgdon 4831SC 45.5 grains with an ogive length 0.020" off the lands.
    Hope this helps
    Oops, should have said, I load 140grain Sierra Gameking heads, model number 1730

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    I know this is not answering your question but Vit N160 is usually excellent.

    I have experimented with Re 22, which has similar burn rate to H4831, and got decent results.

    H4350 is my favorite powder for 6.5 x 55.

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    It will work fine.
    If you can find IMR 7828 (especially in the SSC configuration) it will work better than either.~Muir

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    Thank you chaps, most helpful indeed. I've found a decent load now and there seems to be little difference in its velocity. I will post again when I have some more data.

    Many thanks,

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