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Thread: Deer Stalking Syndicate

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    Deer Stalking Syndicate

    We have unrivalled deer stalking in England, Wales and Scotland for all species. Annual membership fee of 750pa. Access to 9 areas in Dorset, 1 area in Suffolk, 1 in North of England. Large area in Wiltshire, 2 in mid Wales, 2 in North Wales, 2 in borders of Scotland, 1 in Sutherland and 1 in Kent.

    For more information please call 07795 214934

    Please note this advert was re-posted from elsewhere by the previous owner of this site for information only. The Stalking Directory neither specifically endorses nor is involved with this outfit in any way.
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    Don't bother emailing this one they don't reply.

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    Have always been warned against these type of syndicates. Does anyone have any experience? Good or bad all replies will be welcome

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    I worry about the quality of the deer management, construction and execution of a shooting plan and safety. One of the syndicates run by a North Wales based operation was extremely worrying in this respect.

    It sounded great, you pay your money, turn up and stalk but there seemed to be no attempt to try and designate a beast to be shot, no co-ordination of attendance or notification that another stalker might be out. I didn't like the feel of it at all and could get a straight answer from the organiser so left it alone.

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    shooting sh

    this ad appears in almost every publication.

    I've called but no answer, it does not sound right to me.

    The ads are hard to read as they are usually written in broken english

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    Looks like it may be to me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuartp
    Looks like it may be to me?
    If it is KEEP AWAY

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    Quote Originally Posted by hind-sight
    Quote Originally Posted by stuartp
    Looks like it may be to me?
    If it is KEEP AWAY
    I suspected that it might be, and they were the North Wales based outfit to which I was referring in my post above, but the telephone number doesn't match. However it would be easy to have any number of mobile phone numbers. Having said that it's got the style of that particular gentleman written all over it.

    I looked into both their fishing and shooting offers in some detail a year or so ago and found problems of exagerated claims, a complete lack of a management policy and in some cases some possible misrepresentation and I absolutely endorse Stuart's advice - don't touch it with a barge pole.

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    Tryed one of these mickey mouse outfits before, ment to be red and roe paid 500 me and my mate and just been in contact with another lad so thats 1500 plus whoever else was in the syndicate ? a lot of cash.
    Deer shot 1 roe and 1 red calf which looked dead on it,s feet anyway. Spoke to neibouring landowners one used to own the ground proudly said he continued to shoot it after the sale, and he also said that the forestry company had cleaned the place out the other neighbor confirmed it had been cleaned out as well, and when i told him how much i paid he said ,well there is one born every day, and i should be charging them to shoot the deer, so you can and will be riped of so be carefull with your cash.
    Another place i went to see just outside Pitlochry we stoped at a house to ask where this forrest was and the lad told us the same the FC had cleaned it out and he had a roving comision on it and it would not matter how much of a bid we put in we had no chance bcause he was getting it, we put in a very good bid did we get it no chance

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    Positive Experience of Shooting Syndicate...

    I am a member of the syndicate and my comments are purely from personal experience.

    1). I have always been looked after in a professional and efficient way by

    2). If you have problems contacting via telephone, suggest via website or email - again always gets back to you.

    3). operates a policy whereby you need to book in advance for any stalk you wish to undertake, given due notice to and the relevant landowner. This avoids multiple stalkers on same piece of land - never experienced this!

    4). Safety is responsibilty of the stalker, you must familiarise yourself with the ground you shoot over to ensure safe shooting - something we all do as a member of a syndicate or not? You cannot delegate responsibility in my opinion to anybody but yourself!

    5). will advise you on the most appropriate stalk based on your requirements, taking into account when it was last 'stalked' and the level of deer available, all beasts sighted/taken need to be reported back to for their records.

    6). Sustainable deer management is down to the individual stalker, in a syndicate situation, this responsibility is spread across the membership as we all benefit/lose out on others actions - we all need to be responsible!

    7). The syndicate is an affordable way of getting access to wide/varied stalking across the country, the more members, the more stalking opportunities that become available using the membership money, the latest addition for is 600acres in Shaftesbury (March 2007).

    8). My logic for joining, access to varied stalking locations across country, different types of deers, different environments (field, wood & hill) and financially it equates to about 5 days accompanied Roe Doe stalking without variety!

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