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Thread: Gamefair get together

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    Gamefair get together

    Ok then you lot, lets see a show of hands as to who is going to be at the CLA, and whether or not we book a nearby site with pitches enough for everyone, and have a Stalking Directory BBQ and general P--s up.

    Lets see if we can get a few bodies togther to make an occassion of it.

    Rob, how about it.

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    i will definately be there but can only go on one day the sunday is the only day this year sorry, but would like to meet up with the rest of you that can make the time on that day,but a good idea by sikamalc hope there are others that can do more than myself this is a good show

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    I'm up for it! I have spoken to one camp site and steyr 308 is going to another site which is cheaper, does group bookings and has a bar on site. So that looks good.

    Steyr 308's suggestion is this site. Its closer than the one I looked at and I think more flexible.

    So that's two options. I don't mind organising the camp site but I will need to know what site you would prefer, how many people are coming and I'll need to get deposits off you all.

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    I'll be there all 3 days but working & staying on site - would be good to meet up if possible though

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    mole you will hav to do a good plug for your stand so it will convince us to come see you

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    Yes I am definitely going it's always been a great weekend .

    I would be surprised if the CLA camp site is fully booked yet

    Has any one phoned them

    In previouse years when I have booked site tickets they have not started
    taking bookings until later in the year.

    Not sure I would want to have to wait to get into the car park every day
    either as we all know getting in and out can be a nightmare.

    Just a thought

    Fallow Stalker

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    Hi Fallow Stalker. I havnt phoned the CLA but have sent an Email, no response yet! I would also be suprised if its booked up, but I am going, and I assumed you would be going along with the Stig and Uncle Albert ?

    I assume some of the other lads, Piere, Cooper Dog etc will go?

    That makes a group already much the same as 2006, but it would be nice to have a large group from the Stalking Directory.

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    If Broadlands2006 was anything to go by I don't think the CLA is worth a 3 day visit. Planning on going on the Sunday with a wallet full of cash to do a bit of haggling. Managed to pick up a Berretta EELL and a S-B scope at the last one both at bargain prices.

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    I will go on the Saturday.
    Would be nice to have a stand for the Stalkers Directory

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