Well, it's been a while since the course (16-18th Feb), but I popped home earlier and the knock at the door was Mary our postal worker with a letter from BASC for me. Woohoo !

Now I can get my ticket in for the removal of territorial conditions and a condition for boar added. I drove past the permission of mine that has a boar problem but is only cleared for rimfire and the damage is getting bigger. So Ted the farmer will be a happy chappy too when I can onto them.

Thanks to Paul & co at Corinium Range, I really enjoyed the 3 days. Learnt a lot, met some great people, and felt some real humility when a rifle I had zero'd the week before was 8" low and 6" left on the shooting test !

And of course, thanks to you lot. Just reading the forum over the last 18 months has been very beneficial ... unless you count productivity at work