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Thread: Jacket Nomad uk

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    Jacket Nomad uk


    Looking for new jackets for shooting must be waterproof donít want a camo one as not really into that kind of thing anyways I like the nomad uk smocks anyone had any experience with them. Its got to be tough as this jacket will be getting worn most day, thanks any ideas are welcome. I have a Harkila wilsa jacket wich was greats but ive ripped it all the way accross the back so need a new one so not very happy



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    :i have the nomad zipped smock and breeks i would not be with out them they can be quiet hot to wear,i fancy some of the new stuff at some point

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amberdog
    :i have the nomad zipped smock and breeks i would not be with out them they can be quiet hot to wear,i fancy some of the new stuff at some point
    Hi where do u get the stuff from? As i dont think they have a shop. And how much did u pay for yours when u got? It says on there website they go for 285 just seems a bit steep.



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    If you're near Inverness both Grahams and Highland Industrial Supplies stock Nomad

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    I looked at the nomad at the CLA but couldn't bring myself to part with the cash, they were very nice but not nice enought for the money in my opinion so I looked about, country covers do some good gear but I eventually dropped on a Deerhunter gamestalker stretch anorak/smock that looked the same as the nomad but was only about £60, it's not long since the game fair but I have worn it most mornings and evenings and it is excellent, tried it in heavy rain and no leaks so am very pleased with it so far, time will tell if it lasts though.

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    I've just bought a Country Covers / Arktis Olive green smock and am very pleased with it so far. It hasn't been tested in heavy rain yet but I doubt if it will be a problem. The quality of material and workmanship is excellent. My mate has had the camo version for years and highly recomends them. Best of all, they are made in the UK and you have a real point of contact that you can talk to. I think mine cost just over £150 with a bit of haggleing! JC

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    I have had an Country Covers / Arktis Olive green smock & trousers for 3 years Ė completely excellent kit although a little warm

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    Arktis, the soldiers Gucci gear, had stuff from them for a long time, others have come & gone, still got the Arktis so the original outlay has turned out cheaper in the long run.

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    I have had Arktis(military side of country covers) for years good gear well thought out and well made , as has been said expensive but in the long run worth it.
    I have used a deerhunter ram jacket for about 5 years good but was always repairing rips in outer consequently it leaked! but in really heavy rain it leaked from new so was never all that impressed anyway.
    I have just purchased a Nomad quadrider smock, yes lots of notes and bought it blind never seen ,felt or tried one on but had heard alot about them , so after a phone call to Nomad i was talked into one
    Only had it a month but wow very happy with it, very basic but this is just what i had been looking for light ,incredibly warm and after crawling 100 yards across a dewy field to shoot a fox still very dry.More than can be said for my Seeland beaters trousers(2 months old and no holes/rips)but i was soaking inside very uncomfortable for the next 5 hours these are crap dont buy a pair
    If the Nomad stands the test of time (which i think it will) the price will be forgotten about.

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    I've got a Quadrider smock, bought in May from a shop in Northallerton, which has so far been fine. It has not been trested in any really bad weather so I can't comment on how waterproof it is. In summer I would say it is even too warm. I will see how it does in winter. The shop had the "tweed" plus fours, but they were quite expensive (£250ish IIRC). Tempted but I felt poor having just bought the smock - maybe next time!

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