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Thread: Stock Restoration Services

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    Stock Restoration Services

    If you attended the Kelso Deerstalking Fair you would possibly have noticed our stand or spoken with us at Pietas Venatores.

    In addition to our current range of fine leatherware, we also offer stock restoration services that include the following:

    A. Stock (Re)Finishing:
    Stripping existing finish, raising dents, staining, colouring, sealing, filling and re-finishing with hand-rubbed oil finish to either a Matte or High Gloss finish. This service is not the average 'BLO' splash, but a 6 week continuous hand applied finish for a durable and beautiful coat that every rifle deserves.

    B. Stock modifications:
    You may wish to add an Ebony, Buffallo Horn, or Rosewood forend and/or matching grip cap, a new recoil pad, or change the profile of your stock, etc.

    Here are a few examples of work as of late.

    CZ 527 Polyurethane, re-finished to beautiful oil finish and rust blued.

    Attachment 26679Attachment 26680

    Custom walnut stock - seen over 30 years of active use..doesn't look like it does it?
    Attachment 26681

    A Clients stock, Matte finish before taking it to high gloss, note the grip has been carved out and ebony cap installed (non-pictured is also ebony front end)

    Attachment 26682

    A sample list of services offered is below:

    Grip Caps
    Traditional 2 screw steel grip cap in white or blued (NECG/Jerry Fischer)
    Custom made Ebony grip cap
    Custom made Buffallo horn grip cap
    Traditional plastic grip cap
    Rosewood custom made grip cap

    Front Ends
    Custom made traditional rounded ebony front end
    Custom made traditional Schnabel ebony front end
    Custom made traditional rounded Rosewood front end
    Custom made traditional Schnabel Rosewood front end
    Custom made traditional rounded Buffalo Horn front end
    Custom made traditional Schnabel Buffalo Horn front end

    Recoil Pads
    Traditional black polymer plate
    Silvers style recoil pad (red/brown/black)
    NECG recoil pad (red/brown/black)
    Pachmayer or Limbsaver recoil pad

    Matte oil finish (for shotguns additional charges apply)
    London/Gloss oil finish(for shotguns additional charges apply)
    Re-treatment and polish oil samples

    Re-shaping & Barrel floating services
    Reshaping grip/comb/front-end
    Free floating/opening up barrel channel
    Oak Bark Tan Leather Rifle/Shotgun Sling
    Glass bedding of existing sling swivel studs
    Mercury Tube installed in stock (recoil absorbing)

    Please PM me if you have any projects you would like to discuss or have priced up.

    Kind regards,

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    Subject to popular request I can confirm we 'do' work on shotgun restorations and fine London Oil finishes, as well as touching up checkering.

    This summer/autumn we will also be adding full Slow Rust Bluing services.

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