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Thread: Victoria 12g Sde x side double trigger ejector cheap gun

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    Victoria 12g Sde x side double trigger ejector cheap gun

    hi folks
    due to having other guns in my cabinet this gun never gets used....bought it from my father few years ago due to him never using it

    this is a "victoria "12g side by side double trigger ejector believe these guns are hungarian and the action is plain silver with cocking indicator pins on each is automatic re-set safety and has 28" barrels....its choced full & 3/4 . & 2 3/4" chambers

    barrels are immaculate and stock has a few minor scratches ....the usual markings nothing excessive

    this gun is in really clean and good working nick but is a basic no frills gun

    would suit someone who wants a cheap game gun to get started or maybe a more proffesional or amautuer keeper who wants something to sit with him in the truck whilst doing their rounds etc

    looking for 150

    will rfd but at buyers cost

    good honest cheap gun in perfect clean order


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    Yes looks good ,tidy general purpose gun.Haven't come across this mark before.

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    The model Victoria was I believe made be FEG of Hungary ....which was the state owned weapon manufacturer theory produced a variety of pistols shotguns etc
    (According to Google anyway )


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    Oh yes they made a rather robust 0/U model,solid but heavy to carry.

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    Open to offers

    Cheap gun for someone for game shooting or general workhorse


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    Is it steel proofed?

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    I imagine with the choke size being full & three quarters and although I don't know age of the gun , its older rather than new that no it won't be proofed for steel
    Gun action still tight tho ..... Little use


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    Offers nobody Dundee or Aberdeenshire looking for cheap back up game / work gun


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