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Thread: water softner block salt

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    water softner block salt

    I know someone thats changing there house water softening system, they have a few blocks of salt they are going to chuck away, would this be anygood for deer?? as a lick?


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    I do some work for a company on the wirral Darlingtons group they sell all diffrent types of salt for cattle ,sheep, horse, road salt , dishwasher and food grade salt. Any salt will do only some of the fine salt breaks down quicker than the road grit or the cattle lick add some aniseed oil as this will also attract deer to your salted areas also put some molasses posts out as well.Remember if there are any grants on any woodland that you are stalking ie SSSI ,ESA, replanting. Attacting deer to that area could cause you or the landowner to lose and pay back any grant money
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