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Thread: galvanised dog run ....swap

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    galvanised dog run ....swap

    ​ok guys last year i put a dog run up alongside my shed and now i want to get rid and do something else in its place
    it is made of 4 x galvanised panels the two side ones are approx 8ft long half bars half steel panel and the two end ones are approx 5ft wide all bars but both panels have gates in.... i have made a adaption to put the kennel outside the end panel so removed 2/3 bars from lower down.....

    it has a plastic corrugated roof on and guttering all done last summer

    i can send pics to a mobile phone so if interested pm me a number

    i am open to offers of swaps so to keep in with the rules i am not stating a price.....swaps will include shotguns/ammo/go pro/anything 22,17,223,243,22wmr related or just try me

    please dont try and offer me your rubbish as i have enough of my own
    oh nearly forgot you must collect and dismantle yourself


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