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Thread: syndicate ideas

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    syndicate ideas

    I am currently in negotiations with a large land owner at the top of nth yorks who wants his deer numbers reducing.(roe only)
    Its a little to far off for me to undertake on an accompanied basis so i am looking at a syndicate.
    Hes in an agreement and i have to come up with a proposal he wants a minimum of dsc1 stalkers.
    what are good and bad ideas to implement so it will work for him me and the members.
    Your views please.
    I have no idea of price yet but it wont be to steep we want a job done after all.
    is there any intrested parties out there i am just testing the water so i can approach him with a plan
    regards john.

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    You have a PM I think - the dreaded "internal server failure" happened but I think it was sent.

    Regards willie

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    have recieved them lads and have saved them incase this gose ahead regards john.

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    Thanks for all your lads but as i said this is in development still and i may not pursue it i want advice on syndicates.
    i have been in one a long while ago and run game shooting ones annually whats good and whats bad.
    your views please.
    the hardest things with the pheasants is turning yes,s i'll have a gun into money.
    I have 3 members at the moment 2 months behind with payment and we'll be shooting in 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    think off a price and tell all members perspective members that xxx amount has to be in by xxx date or your place will be sold on to a new member.and make sure you have enough time to fill the place before the money is due.
    If stalkers are aloud on the land at any time then you can run a colour code system that when you et to the land you pick a colored chip up and that represents where you are going to be anyone that turns up knows exactly where everyone is.then if you want to stalk a different place you come back and swap your chip for another one that is still available. this will all so let anyone who is tiring to find someone where they are. you know if someone is injured and has not returned. and so on.
    personally i prefer if all members book in so you know who is on the land and who is not.


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    Deer Syndicate ?

    Hi, John you have PM . atb Ye old stalker

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    IDEAS: Payment in full before you shoot, copys of fac ,inc , dsc1,etc before you shoot, Keep the number of members to minimum, do not want to many members on the ground at once, I think keep it as simple as possible, no one can come out with i didn't understand the rules , ANY rule's broken instant ban , All members to atend work party's if needed putting highseats up clearing ride's etc you will get out what you put in ,Full cull records for each member, keep it deer stalking not mixed odd game bird day etc keep vermin down when you get the chance always as it keeps the landowner happy. THATS MY FIVE PENNYS WORTH.

    Cheers Gadget.

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