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Thread: DSC1 Booked

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    DSC1 Booked

    Just booked my level one for 27th and 28th July with Barony College. BDS Manual in the post this morning, time to get some reading done I think.

    Looking forward to taking this first step. Any tips and advice will be gratefully accepted.

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    The more "revision" you do the more you can relax at exam time. Obviously I don't know what experience you have so you might want to have a chat with someone about the shooting and safety elements or even better Basc, and probably others, do preDCS1 one day courses which are well worthwhile. If you have any doubts about deer recognition get one of the DVDs. Some of the slides can be tricky and this bit concerned me the most as I had done little stalking when I took mine - in the end I got 20 out of 20 which pleased me no end.

    ​It is a great course and there's usually a great team spirit on the course. Best of luck.

    Deer Diary

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    kitkats.... the tutor is big on kitkats.

    if you read the questions and answers out loud like you're mental they stick in your head better. If you go through the deer id info and then go on the collection of deer pics here on sd you will start picking up identification much quicker and with certainty.


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    +1 on the kit kats

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