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Thread: Bit of an update

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    Bit of an update

    With regard to our bursary fund, at the moment it looks like this.

    Stratts, has got onto a level 1 course with BASC in June, and in the meantime he is busy with his online training courtesy of Steve Not only that he is now the proud owner of a BSA 30-06 donated by Sikadog and Nuttyspaniel has donated a T8 Moderator to suit. Plus he has had stalking outings as well, all due to members generosity.

    Tarkan, is booked on a level 1 course with Calton moor range, and again is busy with his online package courtesy of Steve.

    Bigadem, is booked in with Jon at Greeleedeer for his level 1, not sure about his online learning yet

    Si_b1979 is to talk with PeterMarshall of BASC on Monday to get his date arranged.

    As well as this, we have other examples of generosity just waiting to be allocated

    Frog has offered the following in his own words, we are more than happy to take someone out on the Dunster Estate nr Minehead, Somerset. We'll do whatever! CF experience, mentoring, stalking, first deer etc. Now that can't be bad can it?

    6Pointer has offered to give someone an education day when they have passed the level 1. This will be good as it will be hands on including being taken through the gralloch etc. Plus given the location of his ground you will also get an introduction into urban deer management.

    scotlanddeerstalking will like to offer 2 places for the winning candidates to shoot after they have passed there level 1 , in short 2 days hind stalking on the isle of mull with myself on a 2 on 1 basis after 21st of october 2013 to 15 feb 2014.

    PLus we are still looking for suitable participants.

    Forgot to say that once they have got their level 1 they can come and stalk my ground, until they grass a beast,

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    Well done John a lot of help for the people concerned great job
    ​ Atb tom

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    Great news - thank you very much for the update


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    Nice work John. Keeping the sport alive

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    I've got to say that I'm absolutely chuffed to bits about being offered a DSC1 bursary.

    Many thanks to John and all those generous people on SD that make things like this possible.

    I'll keep everyone posted on my progress once I'm booked onto a course.


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    Nice one matey, I can't thank everyone enough for their help, be it with stuff, stalking or general advice via PM.

    Be nice to be able to do it in person eventually in the future at various events and buy a beer or three,


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    Well done guys! Be sure to keep us posted on your progress!


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    That's very good!

    I'm planning applying for a bursary for my level one at the moment,(I believe the BDS do them).

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    Jayb please check you PM's.

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    Thanks alot for this I will be doing a diary once my training aids arrive and I have started

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