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Thread: Multi catch Larsens: How good are they

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    Multi catch Larsens: How good are they

    I have borrowed a circular galvanised mesh multi catch larsen, it was a bit battered but 30 mins got it sorted.Unusual type, with side entry doors, which drop down when triggered. Decoy is in a central cell. There are 4 catching compartments. I picked up a decoy this pm so all set. As the top has no cover I have put a pane of greenhouse glass over the top to provide some protection.

    Has anybody got experience of this type of trap and any tips?

    Also will it catch a carrion crow with a magpie as the decoy, our resident pair of carrions are very aggressive and see off magies so could they be also caught?


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    greenhouse glass I would remove it next time you go to the trap and put a wood top on sun through the glass will cook your call bird if RSPB find it you may be in bother.
    I have caught all sorts in my traps owls/fox cubs/crows/magpies/sparrow hawks/a bussard/never held badger they are too strong just destroy traps.

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    I tried the circular multi catch a few years ago but was never happy with the small area for the decoy bird, also the catch rate was less than with conventional larsens.

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    Thanks. well by 10 am this morning it has caught the resident pair!! Well pleased. As the trap is in my back garden there are no issues with decoy welfare, placed in shaded area just wanted to give the decoy some shelter and protect it from the wind and possible rain.


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    decoy welfare is an issue with these traps as the decoy compartment isnt big enough , legal to sell but not to use

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