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Thread: hornet moderator

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    hornet moderator

    Geting my hornet next week going to get it screw cut question is ; what kind of moderator do I need for it willa rimfire mod do the job or will it need to be a fullbore like my t8 for my 223?

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    I have used a Sac, works ok for a while but a few hundred shots will kill it off, mind you at 35 how long do you need it to last.
    I now use a Pess Mini-T which is an all stainless steel reflex type moderator, slim at only 32 mm, and light at around 390 grams.
    Length is ok at 210mm about 100mm in front of muzzle, mine has been great for the last 2 years, showing no signs of wear at 2k + rounds.


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    A T4 mod works great on my Hornet. Not too big or heavy and sound reduction is good.
    The amount of gas produced by a Hornet cartridge is not great so no need to go for a T8 or other fullsize fullbore mod.
    I use a sac mod on the .22lr but I don't think it's enough for the Hornet.


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    I have used a T4 in the past on my hornet, when it corroded i changed it to T8. I believe it made a very slight difference with noise reduction and slightly added weight but its a cracking set up.

    Good luck with it.



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    check out the nielsen sonic 45, got one on my hornet its light and as quiet as a hmr if not better

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    There's a relationship to declare, but I'd consider dropping a line to Colin of One Less Charlie on here. he'll very likely be able to sort something sized to the job in hand and boy will it last!
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    Just curious, why are you getting a Hornet if you have a .223?.
    Sometime in the future I will probably "up gun" a bit and do a one-for-one from the Hornet to a .223.


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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    Just curious, why are you getting a Hornet if you have a .223?.
    Sometime in the future I will probably "up gun" a bit and do a one-for-one from the Hornet to a .223.

    fraser, i used to have a .17hmr for shooting hares but as you well know you cant reload the .17 and too expensive for bullets, so i sold it and decided to go for a .22 hornet something i could reload and yes i could of went for a .17 fireball but there too expensive at moment , also using a .223 on hares makes a hell of a mess of them and yes i could use different bullet weights etc which ive tried but still messy , so ive settled on a .22 hornet hope this answers ur question

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    We have a moderator designed for the 17 hornet, 32mm diameter x 140mm long, all stainless steel.
    Drop me a pm and I can send you some pictures.

    best regards


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    Thanks Robert.
    I use the Hornet just on foxes with 35 grain v-max and have found it drops them on the spot. Shots are mostly around 80 to 100 yards.
    If using the same round on hares I'd head shoot them as I think damage would be a problem or swap back to the 45 grain Remington soft point.
    The Remington used to pass straight through a fox and I'd get the odd one that ran and was hard to find but it would probably put a hare down effectively without too much damage on a chest shot.

    Re changing to .223...I think I just fancy a change and also to have a deer legal calibre. It won't be for a while and meantime I still enjoy the Hornet, Ruger M77..great wee rifle.

    Regards, fraser

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