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Thread: 2 short outings

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    2 short outings

    Sorry, no photos,

    I phoned my mate last night to let him know I was planning to go out this morning (sometimes night shifts are ok). I heard the rain battering down at about 0200, so rolled under my covers for a long night. Then the alarm went off and I was up at 0430. The clouds were heavy and the light was struggling to come through so I went to the ground and waited. At 0600 I left the car and went into an overgrown piece of ground, I seen a doe move, so I stopped and waited as there are usually more than 1 around. Within a couple of minutes a buck tried to follow in the direction of the doe. I got the rifle on the sticks and waited for him to stop, he stopped and looked round, biff, 60yds and through the base of the neck. Then the hard part, the midges were hellish, so I tidied up quickly and got out of there.
    I then had to go to a bloke that was having trouble losing ducks, so off I went and arrived at 0705. I went through his top field and waited for a couple of minutes. Then I started calling, I had seen them using a corner of the field before so was concentrating on that area. I looked around and there was foxy coming in from my 3 oclock (within 10 mins). She must of smelt me as she then backed off for no apparent reason, I squeaked again she stood broadside. Biff, flop another to the tally.

    A big write up for 35 minutes worth of shooting time.

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    a good start to the week then

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