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Thread: stabilised wood knife scales

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    stabilised wood knife scales

    Ive been looking for some nice stabilised wood for a knife project, ive found some oak on a uk web site but ebay in the states has some really nice scales listed.
    has anybody got any suggestions for anybody in the uk with a good selection or has anybody bought wood from the usa and got any recomendations.



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    You need to get in touch with Tony at "Moonrakerknives" if he hasnt got it it cant be got. Great guy and really knows his stuff.


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    Thanks tusker, I had looked on moonraker web site but will give tony a ring and see what hes got.


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    HiI have some high grade Arizona Desert Ironwood scales. They have beautiful grain.
    They are not stabilised but are some of the densest wood available and very hard .
    Pm me if interested.

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    I have bought from the US ! Can't rember where from but good deal

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    Its a Burl will ship to you no problem, just keep your costs to around 40 and it will come in below tax threashold etc. deerwarden

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    ive been looking at these

    well this seller in general.

    just had a look at 'its a burl' ebay shop and it says us sales only but i'll look further into it. thanks for posting



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    Look at or look at I buy from both and the last one has some nice stabilished wood in at the moment and also acrilic ivory etc, he will sort you out very fast service. deerwarden

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    I got some stabilised Amboyna burl from the US from Bad Dogs Burl Source - Home Page
    He split the block form me for no extra cost and the scales arrived in no time and the service was exceptional!

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    Thanks for the reply's
    Bad dogs looks an interesting web site, will look at that more later. English handmade knives shows all its stabilised wood except a rather expensive pine cone scale sold out but will contact them anyway.

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