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Thread: Some pics of my boar feeder

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    Some pics of my boar feeder

    Here are some pics of my boar feeder. Built it with a winch for easy filling. The spreader has a small solar panel that i thought was a gimmick when i bought it but it has kept the battery charged since October. Its programable to spread up to 6 times a day. Motorspeed is variable as is the spread time. It will throw out 1kg maize at 75% motor spead in 2 seconds.
    Plus a pic of the boar that were there last night.

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    Great looking setup Jagare!

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    nice better than keep disturbing the sitewith your smells

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    Toby, how are you going to get any sleep when your here in August. Up early for the Roe bucks and then out half the night sitting out for a boar.
    If you shoot a boar i want it gutted and hung up in the barn. Don't disturb me from my Saturday lie in.

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    Excellent work - presumably it is in a pretty remote location i.e. no public access!

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    Frog, people have a absolute the right to roam here. As i live a lttle of the beaten track there is little problem with anyone touching anything. Plus its only about 400-500 mtrs from my house

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    No problem, I'll even put the kettle on.......
    Plus you know that sleep is overrated
    After all winter on snow clearing and foxing I appreciate my lie ins until the bucks start again.

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