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Thread: Wildboar hunting tips

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    Wildboar hunting tips


    In June im planning a holiday to Sweden in the Tidaholm area. I have got the opportunity to hunt Wildboars whenever I want.

    It will be my first hunting in another country ever, and maybe first time ill see a wildboar.

    I know that its popular to sit in a stand by afternoon/night - but can I also hunt them in the morning? Either by stalking og sitting in a stand?

    Thank you

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    Sorry Renico but I wouldn't be shooting boar in June don't know how it's viewed over there but they need that time to breed & raise their young in peace, unless there is a major problem or you can be 110% sure it's a male your pulling on, sorry but future sport depends on our protecting them too.

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    No problem shooting boar in June in Sweden. You can only shoot yearlings (Års gris, brun gris) and large male boar (Galt). Sows (sugga) With dependant young can not be shot at any time.
    Enjoy Tidaholm Renica, and don't forget to visit the museum in Huskvarna and look at the weapon collection there.

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    Most countries in Europe do their selective culling between the end of the driven season.
    The driven season is Oct,Nov,Dec and Jan, so Boar are 'in season' all year round.
    As a result of the previous years census, the dates in the start and end month can be varied.
    A census is carried out and has to be submitted to the appropriate authority by the end of March each year from which cull plans are then formulated.
    Although 'Stalking' wild boar does take place most selective culling is done from high seats so plenty of time is given to selecting the correct beast.

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    Hi Renico!
    To get back to your question: Of course you can hunt them also in the morning!
    Its a lot of fun to stalk boars feeding or digging on meadows in the early morning hours, its also not this difficult....
    Just check the wind and avoid your silouette to be seen, they dont have a good eyesight....
    BUT: Make sure you see all of the group and be sure to shoot a little one, not depending or a large male (you have to see the penis, some sows have only a very few nipples to be seen!). That may be a bit difficult for a novice on boar hunting, but maybe you got some relyable support from your host?

    I wish you a great trip and some perfect memories on hunting a very interesting species!!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Thank you!

    I plan on shooting only a little one(s) as I can't trasport a 100+ kilo Keiler.
    Okay good I can hunt them in the morning because I wanna be sure I place a good shot on the right boar, which may need some kind of training in the very low light at afternoon/night.

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