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Thread: Digital safe not so safe

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    Digital safe not so safe

    This is a bit worrying...

    The bump method is the most worrying

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    thanks just what i needed i'v took it of wall thats just gone in the bin then bloody waist of 65 at b&q back to old pistol safe then lock "n"key old school

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    change the spring for a stronger one enough for the magnet to pull the pin but not work with bump, the bar through the back wont work if its fastened back to the wall ,
    just tried mine and it wont open on a bump no matter how hard you bang it.
    another thaught you could bolt a plate on top with an air gap so it wont be effected by the bump, atb wayne
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    Think I'll fit a bookshelf on top.
    ​I'm not too worried as it's pretty inaccessible anyway plus there's a 120db alarm in the cupboard


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    just turn it upside down, simples
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    QUOTE=kennyc;559382]just turn it upside down, simples [/QUOTE]

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    Lock and Key is the way forward.

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    pretty much and lock n key or safe is relatively easy to open if you know how and a bit of practice

    ​but it is only one aspect of the Security and the last bit

    ​ and whats the BS std for gun safes resist for 15 or 30 mins something low like that for a pass

    bumping is mor difficult if its properly installed and bolted to a hard surface as the whole safe wont bounce
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    ...or get a proper little safe with a proper lock, such as this one

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    scrap yards will do well this week!!

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