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Thread: Found BMH dog / Newburgh Beach

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    Found BMH dog / Newburgh Beach

    I have just received a report of a BMH type dog that has been found this morning in the Jedburgh Beach area (Aberdeenshire). For more info. please call 0845 4682647
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    BMH found in Aberdeenshire

    saw this on facebook perhaps someone on here might know whos dog this is?

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    sorry didnt realise this had allready been posted as ive just shared it

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    Unless Jedburgh has moved with the tides then its still in the Borders, unless of course there is a Jedburgh in Aberdeen.
    Do you mean Newburgh beach.

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    Yes, it is Newburgh Beach area the hound was found.

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    I'm going to ask the site administraters to delete the picture it's not a porn site. Couldn't you have taken a picture without the dog geting excited (he's got his lipstick out).

    I have a lovely picture taken some time back of two of my dogs and the first thing that every one asks is "what's that on his belly?" I hadn't noticed until the picture was framed.

    Good looking dog. I hope he gets back to his owner soon.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Is the dog not microchipped?

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