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    Lucky day

    ​Good afternoon, my name is Sean and I have been lucky enough to win a place on the SD level1 bursary. One of the conditions before applying was that I would write a blog of a sort with where I am in the world of shooting. I am no english scholar but I will try my best to make my posts as readable as possible.

    I may as well make a start, as you now know I'm Sean, I'm 26 from Wigan and my history with shooting as a sport in general is as follows. My father had always had air rifles when he was growing up but when I was born stopped going out. He did keep his theoben scirocco and this is the seed that got me to where I am today. I would always nag him to shoot cans and magazines in the garden. When we moved from bolton to Wigan it sort of got stored in a cupboard untouched until I turned 18-19 when a mate got a job on a farm who had the occasional rat that wanted shooting. After spending many hours over looking a pile of dumped horse manure where the rats took residence I was hooked.

    At this stage I wasn't sure if it was the shooting or purchasing all things gun related that really got the fire burning but I soon bought more airguns and went onto shooting feral pigeons and rabbits around the farm until one day the farm next door who has a stables and a golf course asked me to shoot his rabbits. This is my main permission to this day and also where I got my fac granted for my rimfire. Which I've now had for two and a half years. I currently have a .17hmr and a slot for .22lr (I had one but I had to sell it. Needs must) I also recently got a .223 in December (unfortunately this isn't on an open ticket, the rimfires are)

    I met Si from this forum off a different shooting forum in October. I had a fox on the golf course that needed dealing with and as I didn't have fox conditioned on my .17 or a suitable calibre I ask him to help. That night as we was chatting about all things shooting he mentioned his passion for deer stalking. At the time he was the only person I knew with any experience of shooting deer and I absorbed everything I could. One thing I found out was that deer stalking wasn't as expensive as I had originally thought. Ok at the minute I can't afford to start booking days left right and centre but at least the prices are achievable one day. I thought it would be in the thousands (long story but I was misinformed) for the cheapest outing. After showing an interest Si suggested I join this site. Thankyou.

    After being a member for a short while a gent from the forum pm'd me introducing himself as he lives 5 minutes from me. It wasn't long before he generously offered to take me on his syndicate for my first attempt at stalking a deer. My episode is written here-
    Thankyou wingy (again wingy thankyou) and that is my experience of deer so far. After gaining my dsc I will keep you up to date with any days I've booked shooting and maybe a few of my evenings after foxing or out after the bunnies.

    I've crammed a few years into a few lines so I'm sorry if it doesn't read well. Thankyou to everyone behind the SD level1 bursary. It is very much appreciated.
    Thankyou for reading, Sean.
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    Nice one Sean and the best of luck with your level 1, im sure you will enjoy it,

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    Well done and good luck from one burser(?!) to another!!
    Follow my stalking journey & SD sponsored DSC1 progress blog here

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    Nice one Sean, I'm sure you will enjoy. Speak soon

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    Cheers gents. I'm excited.

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    Enjoy the course and every minute out!
    Good luck for the DSC 1 and the start of your stalking career!


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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