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    Loading Problem

    Hi, i am having problems reloading my Sako 75 , 308, it is a box magazine taking 5 bullets and will not load the bullets on the right hand side of the magazine smoothly, this makes things a bit hairy when the chance of a second shot comes around. Anyone any ideas?

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    Are you sure it's the magazine and not the bolt or the rounds themselves?

    Have you tried cycling some snap caps to see if you can identify why it's not loading correctly?

    Any chance the magazine has been dropped? Could it be that the 'lip' at the top of the magazine might have been bent out of true?

    Wherabouts are you located? If you can find someone nearby with a Sako 75 in .308 you could try to isolate the problem by 'swapping' the relevant parts (magazine, bolt, bullets). I'm in Oxon if that helps

    It's a bit extreme, but you could also try this:


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    I see you can get the followers at Midway UK:


    P.S. If you find any replacement magazines for a Sako 75 in .308 let me know

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    75 SAKO MAG

    Wirehair there are a couple of things you can try

    1 keep the rounds tight up against the rear of the mag [worked for me]

    2 conversely try the rounds up against the front of the mag

    3 if using homeloads check they are not to long for the mag[ seen this one often] causing serious loading difficulties

    4 try four rounds in the mag instead of five [this often works]

    If you have no luck or number four works it sounds like you have a worn out or faulty magazine spring
    Dismantle the magazine noting how it goes back together and give the spring a[SLIGHT] stretch and replace.
    If the problem persist take it to a gun smith/shop to have a new spring put in.
    A good tip a gun smith told me when i had a simmilar problem was that when the rifle is not in use allways remove the rounds in the magazine to take the pressure of the spring.


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    If you load your own and have loaded the same cases 4 or 5 five times or more, you may need to bump the shoulder back.

    Just a thought


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    loading problem

    Hi, i am using factory rounds, the same kind i have been using for a couple of years.I have tried putting the rounds to the rear but it makes no difference, its strange that it will pick up the left hand side(even numbers ) but not the right, thanks for the advice.

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    I've had similar problems in the past - a Tikka that wouldn't cycle Federal Fusions from a 3 round mag, but would do from a 5 round one. Federal Classics worked fine in either mag. It might be worth trying another type/make of round to see if that makes a difference.

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    99% faulty spring

    Wirehair i have just rang the gunsmith and he is 99% certain [without looking] that the problem is the spring.
    He said it is either not seated correctly [ie flat to mag base] or it has lost its tension and needs stretching.
    The reason the fault is on the odd number side is that this is the side of the mag which is under the most presure [compresion] when the mag is loaded.
    It can also happen on the oposite side but less frequently ,he said a slight spring stretch should sort the problem or replace the spring if the problem persist.
    Any good gun shop should be able to order you one up for a few quid.

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    Best bet is to contact Sako in Finnland (or, if you like doing things the hard way, try and contact GMK!) I bet they will be happy to help with a new spring or mag if nessesary. I have two mags for my 85, one of which I dropped on the kitchen floor, there is no visible damage and it works fine but is just a little stiff to get in and out of the weapon. JC

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    Loading Problem

    Thanks for the advice lads , i will try stetching the spring or order a new one, Cheers Davie.

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