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Thread: Medal class fallow buck

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    Medal class fallow buck

    Forgive me ir this is The wrong section. I Might be looking to treta myself to a medal class fallow heráld. And was wondering Who on here would be The best one to go with all help is appreciated.

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    Not a chance unless you want a park animal
    golds are like hens teeth
    ​regards andy

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    Very few gold wild fallow are taken but you should be looking in Hampshire or Sussex as 20 of the 26 golds that I have a record of came from these counties with the majority (13) from Hampshire. I know you didn't specify gold but any fallow medal is rare for a wild animal and the message on where to look is the same and Worcester, Gloucester and Oxfordshire are probably the best bets outside the first two.
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    Im not looking for a gold i would take a high representative head as Well all ready have a roe and an unusual sika head át. Home cheers for The feedback

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    Owen Beardsmore of Cervus UK is a good bet.

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    Could try Shavesgreen (think he's on here somewhere)

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    Cant remember the fella's name at Burley New Forest but Paul Taylor Taxidermy i think will know it..

    You will have no problem seeing a medal head in the area above...

    Good luck
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Speak to Mike from Jelen there are some good bucks down with him he should be able to sort it out for you

    ATB Paul D

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