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Thread: CZ 512 Semi-Auto 22LR

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    CZ 512 Semi-Auto 22LR

    Has anyone got one of these? If so any thoughts on them?

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    I have one or it mite be the 511 ?
    bit on the long side with a mod on but could be chopped down
    have used several makes of rounds through it and all seem ok but Winchester subs seem the best
    Regards Andy

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    I know that they take the same magazine as the BRNO 2/CZ 452 - so one positive aspect of the design.

    Aside from that I suppose they probably do have some other good features, but if it's not broke why fix something? The 511/581 were perfectly good rifles, but let down by a lack of available magazines in decent configurations.

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    We got a CZ 22 semi auto in new the other day we ordered for someone . Looked nice enough , but I have no idea what the price was . Didn't take it out of the box either . So I have no idea how it would feel in my hands and certainly no idea how the thing would shoot at 25 , 50 and 100 yards !

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    I handled these at the SHOT Show. The receiver is anodized aluminum, the triggers typical CZ auto. (Nothing like a bolt gun) Because it's a CZ, I probably wouldn't hesitate to own one, but compared to my Brno 611 and 511 rifles, it feels a little less rugged.~Muir

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    I had the .22mag 512 and the trigger was abominable. Its the sort of trigger you would expect to find on a cheap self loading shotgun, heavy and creep laden. its also quite difficult to make it any better due to the polymer trigger housing construction and tolerances.

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