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Thread: Cal choice

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    Cal choice

    Guys , thoughts about the following calibre s please, going to used for smaller deer species muntjac and Cwd
    ballistics, reload cost , flat shooting, carcass damage , anything you can think of good and bad
    22/250 243. 2506

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    I own both a 25-06 and a 22-250. 25-06 would be my choice, but I'm biased as I love mine. I have to be honest that bullet choice is a bit restricted and you'll have much more possibilities with the 243 but I dislike the caliber. I had a rifle in 243 which I swear was jinxed.
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    Not owned a 22-250 or a 25-06 but my mate had the latter and found that if he used anything less than 117grn bullets (factory loads) it made a fist sized hole in things
    i would go for a .243 although there seems to be a dislike of them on here but i reckon more deer get shot with one than any other calibre in this country and there's a good choice of ammo
    but why not try a 6.5 or a 7mm round they drop stuff without any fuss and they'll work on larger species if you get a chance

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    Well this is a hard 1!!! Me personaly I love the 25-06 fast flat and hard hitting... I also like the 243 great calibre and under rated by many. Now Im selling my 25-06 as I cant justify the cost of 2 rifles in my cabinet and I need a bigger calibre for a trip to Africa me and the wife are saving for. Just today I was having brew with Tahr and the subject of a smaller calibre came up. Now Im buying a 308 and the thought of selling my savage is tearing me in 2, its acurate and effective. During our chat the 22-250 and the 243 both were discussed and both were agreed that they were ideal small deer calibres. We alsi discussed another calibre we like... The 243wssm a good fast flat round but suited to home Loading.Nutty

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    If you are after deer......308....does everything!!

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    Thanks guys so far! Forgot to mention I have a 308' also the calibre s have to be blaser because I'm going to purchase another barrel I have just been reading about the 22/250 to start and have also just told that this calibre cannot be used at bisley because its MV is to high,

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    oh boy,

    scotsgun, .243 is a brilliant calibre, you may have had one you didn't like but trust, me it will take any UK species in its stride with low recoil and a good ballistic curve to well beyond 200yds.

    Drag, your mates experiences are worth diddley ***** I'm afraid, it's a fine calibre if you load the right bullet at the right velocity, so concluding anything about calibre choice from experience founded on factory ammo is, well, useless

    Nutty, first, don't sell the 25-06 for a 308 for Africa, anything you can take with one you can take with the other, with the the right bullet of course. I know a good few people who swear by just a .243 (yes S'gun;-) with a 95g Nosler Partition for most african non-DG. Also, if you're saving to go to Africa with the Mrs, use a PH's rifle whilst you there rather than spend money on getting permission to bring your own, etc. + if you bring your own, you can't go visit any 'normal' resorts or hotels as they won't accommodate your rifle after you've been on your safari/shoot.

    Srvet - so does every other legal calibre when you place a decent bullet in the right place at the right speed.

    Jewfish...where on earth did you get that name? nevermind...get a .243 for your Munty and CWD with your Blaser,,I mean, really, get a Sako 75 in .243, but failing that, get another barrel for your Blaser in .243. It's mightly fine and will complement your .308 VERY well indeed sir.

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    I have all three .

    Killed my first deer with a 243 WIN and a 100 grain bullet . Killed a bunch with the 25-06 with 115 grainers . Never used the 22-250 for deer but have killed a bunch of groundhogs . also tried the 22-250 with the Nosler 60 PT on paper and they seemed accurate enough for your wants .

    For what you want it for I think the 243 would be the way to go out of the 3 options you offer .

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    asa new starter to ive chosen .260 remington as i wanted a little more than the 243w it is an unusual cal so not a lot of rifles out there to choose from and usually secial order for factory ones and ammo is similer so hand loading will probably be a nessecity But i like unusual and the 260 from Goggle reading looks to be a good all round round GOt that little extra punch over a 243 for the larger deer but still mild to shoot and reloading appeals to me . So I know you stated you only want to go for munty and CWD whch can be had with 22 cal rounds But having an all deer legal round would save a lot of hassle if you decided to go for something larger and sve a trip to scotland for Roe. Unless you want an excuse to add a second bigger cal rifle later

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    Guys thanks for your input I was looking at my reloading manual and basically I can drop down to 100 grains and pretty much match a 243 vol wise I know a 243 is 1in 10 twist, and my 308 is a 1in 11' so there for I'm going to go for the 2506' regards Chris.

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