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Thread: diy trophy heads

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    diy trophy heads

    Good things come to those who wait, this evening i stalked a lovely buck nearly all the way along the edge of a wood. The buck content on eating young shoots and scratching off the last of the velvet from its antlers had no idea I was trying to crawl parallel to it to keep a visual as it moved in and out of cover on the wood side of a fence.

    Eventually I got in a position that I couldn't follow any further without obviously giving away my position so I waited in hope that the buck would jump the fence into my field. I waited ages thinking there was no hope when I saw the buck clear the fence 150yds away. A perfect side on stance. The shot dropped him on the spot.

    The buck on inspection was in cracking condition and his antlers were perfectly symmetrical. He has the best head Ive shot so I would love to put it on my wall but Ive no idea how to go about it.

    How easy is it to DIY a trophy head?????

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    Hi...its not that the head without scoring the bone with knife tip ...soak it before boiling etc.... Just a long smelly process....a jet wash is handy for this....look on you tube.....

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    Jelen deer have excellent videos on this sort of thing available on youtube

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    cheers lads, having a look now.

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    If its a very good head then make sure you don't cut the skull ie boil it out whole less the lower jaw, as if it has a chance of being medal it's best left whole.
    Put some pics up to see if it is possible medal.
    Quite a simple process, skin the head boil for half an hour and scrape or jet wash all the tissue off.


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    Post a pic and we'll tell you if we think it'll go medal
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