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Thread: Burris Eliminator range finder scope 4x12x42

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    Burris Eliminator range finder scope 4x12x42

    I have decided to upgrade to the mk3 so am selling my mk 2, as i am planning on putting it on the 22 instead of the 243. The MK is suitable for centre fires but not really for the rimfires, though will work if you take the time to do the calculations yourself. The unit is working perfectly, is optically unmarked and has only 2 very small external "cabinet" marks, which are so small they do not show in the photo. I am selling it with the bullet drop paperwork, but to be honest i always use the on line data, as it gets updated, and the remote for ranging. It is about 8 months old and is still on its first battery!

    The range finder and bullet drop work really well, and i have used it in 50 mtr increments from 50 mtr to 300 and the little red dot is always spot on. All you do is zero in the normal way, then enter the drop details from the chart for your ammo, or with home loads the known drop at 200 or 500 mtr and that is it, when shooting you just press the button on the remote or side of the scope once to turn it on, again to range find and the little red dot drops down the reticle to become the POI of your shot for that range.

    I am looking for 450 including next day fedex delivery.

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    A bit of interest but no serious offers so now on Ebay

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    got one for sale my self how did you get selling yours?

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