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Thread: first rifles

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    first rifles

    just apllying for fac after 17 for bunnies 223 for fox 243 for deer what im asking is what would be the cheap value for money rifles to look at as the budget is small ie around 2000 ish for the 3 any pointers

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    Hi there
    well with that budget i think you can get some really good purchases. Theres been some cracking rifles on here at really good prices.
    Good luck with your fac application

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    Id stick with a 22RF as starter rather than 17hmr - with all the problems with them, they hardly seem worth it.

    CZ 22 or second hand Antchuz, foxing gun - plenty of 222, 223 or 22-250 about for little money and a starter stalking rifle such as BSA or PH if your on budget.

    Glass for all three including 2k in the budget will be a problem.

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    Go .17 Remington, or Fireball/ or .20 T.A.C. for bunnies AND fox, save yourself one rifle purchase,?
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    +1 for cz, great value for money

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    Go straight down to the classifieds. There is a Sako 243 with Zeiss scope for 900. Buy it sharpish before it is gone.

    ​The rest can follow in time.

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    Cz .17hmr without a doubt! Don't bother with a .22 like others said! Try an find a sako or tikka .243 s/h, that will do the foxes as well as the deer.

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    If you are getting a .223 you would probably be better getting a 6.5 or 7mm rather than a .243.
    Or if getting a .243 is a must forget the .223 and spend a bit more on some decent glass, as it will as others have said be more than capable of dealing with fox and deer.
    best of luck whatever you choose.
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    2k to spend if i were you id get a second hand 17 hmr., i have had my cz for 6 years never a miss fire and will do bunies and charlies out to 150 yards, get yourself a 243 and get good glass on it ie ziess duralite 2 grand your set dont bother with a foxing rife. the 243 if its windy the 17 hmr if its not its a buyers market at the moment youll be surprised what you can get

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