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Thread: .243 anyday everyday

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    .243 anyday everyday

    Hi all having shot hundreds of foxs with a 70g 243 bt I found it faultless, however of the late Iv had to use my 308 for foxs as an ongoing issue with moderator company (no names) for 243. Iv shot 6 foxs this week all well below 200yds and 3 or 4 have needed second shots it's amazed me. Has anyone else noted this I'm using 150 sp in 308.

    ​Please no lessons on shot placement etc
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    Could it be that a fox body simply has too little mass to cause the SP to deform as it would in a heavier animal?

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    A fox is a lightly built animal. A 150 grain bullet is built for larger and more heavily built animals so will probably pass straight through without expanding. a 70 grain bullet will dump much more energy in the fox as it will have a lighter jacket.

    ​I saw the same thing with a .243 and 100 grain soft points.

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    i use 150 prohunter sp and keep 150bt's for fox as the pro's dont expand just punch a hole, i just keep some in my pocket just in case mr red come out to play when out stalking 2p worth

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    I have never had a problem with 308 on foxes (or 7mm rem mag), out of maybe a dozen or so all dropped to shot and had signs of good bullet expansion. All mine were chest shot, perhaps bullet placement is a factor. Have used a variety of 150 and 165 bullets on fox in 308, basically whatever I was using for deer at the time

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    Shot plenty of foxes with 180gr SP from my .308 never had any problems but BT may be your answer and if I was solely out for fox it's what I'd use in my .308 have even shot them with .375 lol

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    I have shot a couple of foxes with 139gn 7mm hornady softpoints. Knocked them over and then they got up and staggered off into the wood. Found one about 30yds in. Neat little entry hole and quite small exit. Nowt wrong with the shot placement, just too little mass to expand the bullet.

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    I agree. Too much bullet, too little target.
    A 243 for fox? It's what it was designed for. No surprises there.~Muir

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    Been there, took three shots to stop it with SP's.
    Switched to 165grBT's shot a handful of muntys and surprisingly little mess.
    Some of my mates look at me gone out when I tell them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steerpike View Post
    Could it be that a fox body simply has too little mass to cause the SP to deform as it would in a heavier animal?
    agreed fast ballistic bullets req.
    just shot fox last night with 223 40g hornady vmax ,no exit, the internals sounded like mush,it went down fast.

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