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Thread: Got bored of being injured!!!

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    Got bored of being injured!!!

    Well I got bored of being sat at home resting my previously dislocated shoulder, so took myself out this morning for a look.

    Went to a field where I've seen a big dog fox for months but never caught up with him, got there just before light and stood on top of a bit of a hill, rifle on sticks at the ready. I was there for about 45 minutes while day dawned and I was starting to get a wee bit cold so thought I'd give it 5 more minutes and then go for a wander round. About 10 seconds later I noticed something crossing the field about 80 yards in front of me, not a sheep and too big for a hare. So brought the rifle up and it was my fox, he hadnt seen me, so gave him a squeek and he stopped momentarily. But continued straight on. Got slightly ahead of him before he had chance to get too far, gave him another squeek and he stopped right where I wanted him. Before he even fully stopped the 150gr Interlock was on its way.

    It was now quite light at around 6:10 am so thought I'd gather the fox up, drop it near the land rover and start stalking. So set off from the land rover again, still in the same field that I'd shot the fox, but got 75 yards off the field boundary and there was a small buck browsing the other side of the hedge row. So I made ready on the sticks, got the dog to sit at my feet and waited for him to move into a gap. By this time my hands were bloody freezing, no gloves and a biting wind, so passed up on two opportunities whilst warming them a little in my pockets. Eventually he stepped into a gap, he reached high for the first signs of spring on the Hawthorn and I put another 150 gr Interlock in his lower neck. Dropped on the spot. Went straight over to him, let Charlie find the carcase, warmed my hands up doing the gralloch and gave Charlie half a kidney for his trouble! All bagged up and ready to go and it was only 6:30 am!

    Turned round just as the day was dawning and thought another pic might be the order of the day!

    A great morning out, but, my shoulder's complaining now after putting the buck in the Roe sack so I'll take the rest of the day on the sofa!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Good work! And can't fault your commitment Charlie looks a little belter...

    ​ Regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    That's very nice and productive start to the day, nice one
    How does the shoulder feel now though ?


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    Thats the right way to recover!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Nice write up. I wish my mornings went like this, but I usually just get the frozen hands bit.

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