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Thread: Steyr SSG 04 300 win mag anyone???

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    Steyr SSG 04 300 win mag anyone???

    hi guys ,
    im seriously contemplating buying a Steyr SSG04 in 300 win mag but can't find any reviews and very little information on them. Does anyone own one or know any body who owns one??? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers


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    I've shot a few belonging to others but that's hardly a review. I myself have a ssg69.

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    Looked at them back in 2008, ended up with a Steyr Tactical Elite instead. There is better out there for the money. Unless you're doing stationary work where you need the heavy barrel and are dialling in, stick with a sporter barrel especially if you'll be using it for the same job as your current T3.

    I had a T3 Tacticle too which is in my opinion better than Steyr SSG models.

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    I have one in .308, lovely bit of kit, shoots 1/2MOA or better (limitation being me not the rifle).

    Luckily I got a barely used one for silly money but I wouldn't spend 2000 on a new one.

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    Thanks Guys, yeah looking at a second hand one will be mostly shooting paper with it so not concerned with weight and actually would prefer a heavier option to help tame the recoil of the three hundy!
    Was originally after a Remy Sendero in 7 rem mag or 300 win mag but didn't want to wait 3 months for delivery!
    Swillington have a couple in 7mm Ultra Mag but have heard of them chewing barrels out after 500 rounds.

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    Will Swillington post to Venezuela??

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