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Thread: Moving house

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    Moving house

    Excuse me if this has been covered before, I was wondering the process of moving house (England too Scotland) and how to do it with regards to your open FAC.
    I've asked this at the local club but no clear definate opinion/answer. Has anyone done it and what were the problems ?

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    house moving

    If you do your move and then when you get in send in for a variation to your local force. it will be free. when you have the boxes that say "where do you intend to shoot" write, "Over ground which i have lawful permission to shoot over by payment or invite."


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    You are required to contact both the police forces, that your moving to and where from, the firearms enquiry officer will then come out to your property to check the security of the firearms etc , they will in turn contact your FAC issuing police force for background information .

    You will have to provide notice to both police forces before moving a call to them should secure any problems before moving .

    On moving from Scotland to Surrey and then back, this is what i carried out without any problems with a successful renewal during my time in Surrey.

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    Sorry fella's

    There is no need for a variation.

    You do not need to inform both Firearms depts.

    All you do is notify the issueing force [i.e. the one you are moving from] that you have moved house. It is there obligation to inform the new area as they will send your file on to the new area and they will make contact with you and arrange for an inspection and issue of a new FAC at no cost.

    This is also the advice given by BASC.



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    Thanks gents

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