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Thread: Hertel and reuss optics

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    Hertel and reuss optics

    Does anyone use a hertel and reuss draw scope ? What do you think of them ?
    ​Appreciate your time chaps

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    Hertel & Reuss scopes were the top end German scopes
    back in the day. The quality was on par or sometimes exceeded Zeiss. there are some on ebay at the moment 25-78 ish

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    Before you bid it might be worth checking if the Glasgow Bino repair people will do work on them.

    Because draw scopes have to suck air in and out when you open and close them so they suck in dirt and, eventually, fungus will grow on the lenses. This isn't a big problem if you have someone who will work on the scope for you but almost all of the draw scopes you are likely to be looking at these days will be 30 years old and so will almost certainly benefit from a clean and refurb.

    The other thing worth doing is placing a wanted advert in the classifieds on this forum. I did that a while back and got little or no response until after I'd bought a scope on ebay at which point I had about 4 or 5 offers of scopes so there are some still out there in the hands of members of this forum.
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    I would think Glasgow binoculars will work on them however if they don't there is a German company who specialises in them can't remember the name of the top of my head but if you google Hertal and Reuss you will find it.

    Need to send to Germany, company will give you free estimate of repair, if you decide not to have the work done you only pay the return postage.

    Down side, repairs have about a ten week turn around.

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    Thanks guys , very helpful

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