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Thread: Any probs with 1st gen Swarovski z6i

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    Any probs with 1st gen Swarovski z6i

    Has anyone had problems, or know of problems, with this first gen scope? I'm trying to do some fault finding and want to rule out the scope but can't get to a range for a while. I wondered whether others know of generic problems.

    To date ive been very happy with mine, but also very happy with the sako 85 it's attached to!


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    A friend of mine has one, used it for a while, he was climbing into a seat one evening and slipped, rifle came off his shoulder and hit the side of the seat not much of a hit but a hit all the same
    so he packed up there and then went into another part of the wood and had a shot (243 Moderated) the bullet was 2 feet to the left at about 80 yds so off he went home

    got in touch with swarovski and they told him first of all it wasnt the scope but after checking everything else they told him to wind the windage fully to the left and then to the right which we did and something went "boing" inside the scope so we re mounted it and set it up again and its been fine since, probably a one off but it put doubt in his mind for quite a while after

    having said all that Iv'e just bought a gen 2 and its brilliant

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    Not saying if its a common problem but my Stalking mate had to return his Z6 due to it losing Zero all the time. His is the 5-30 one with Ballistic Turrets. It came back from Swarovski with a covering letter in German/Austrian? so he needs to have it translated to know what the problem was. I have heard of anecdotal reports of early Z6 failures but nothing concrete.


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