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Thread: Tikka 6.5x55 - how short can I go?

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    Tikka 6.5x55 - how short can I go?

    I'm very pleased with my newly moderated Tikka. The titanium 8 inch Quicksilver moderator is very light (380g) but I find the combo a bit unwieldy at 124cm / 48.8 inches. Is there much scope for reducing the barrel length from it's current 21 inches? I shoot 120gr BTs.

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    I spoke to a few rifle builders about this including Steve Bowers and the general consensus was 18" without losing too much velocity.

    Mr Bowers seemed to think that to go down to 18" barrel would cost you about 100-150 fps


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    Thanks Moses, was that in 6.5X55 or generally?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bestman
    Thanks Moses, was that in 6.5X55 or generally?
    Yep that was 6.5x55!

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    If you stalk in Scotland be Careful cutting the barrel length back on a 6.5X55. You need a miní of 2450 fps to be deer legal. You should be fine with 120gn home loads, but if you up your bullet weight you could find that you are shooting illegal loads. Chroníy your loads first donít rely on what the manual says then as a rough rule knock of 50 fps for each inch for the first 3 inches, after then the velocity loss per inch will start to get worse.

    Is you moderator really 8Ē long and all forward mounted?

    Best rgds


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    Thanks for the info, yes it really is 8 inches
    I'd ideally like to go down to 18 inches and would only then use the rifle with mod attached. Are some calibres better suited to that kind of length?

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    Yes, the .308 works perfectly at 18-19 inches. No probs with muzzle energy and you will (if you wish) be able to shoot to 1000yds supersonically. PM Ratwhiskers on here or UKVAR for his take on it as he has recently chopped his remi PSS to that length and has load data etc.



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