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Thread: Wood for remmy 700 LA

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    Wood for remmy 700 LA

    Hi guys has anyone got a wooden stock for my .375H&H remmy 700 have lived with this synthetic stock for while now but can't say I'm a lover of it maybe someone has one on their shelf.
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    Looking at the title of your post I thought you were going to make your own stock

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    I wouldn't mind having a go at that & have often thought about it if I could get the receiving part machined out as I haven't enough experience on that side to do it accuratly, but could possibly manage the rest, and would enjoy it.

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    I've got a couple of left handed ones if they're any good to you. You'd obviousley need to cut a bolt recess as required and fill in the opposite side.



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    got a standard BDL long action wood stock 45 + post


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    Why not have one made in the wood that you would like - have a chat with SimJim on the forum about it.

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    [Tried this link the guy wants 150 now put the price up to pay for his new stock he says! LolQUOTE=blueeyes;561595]what about this[/QUOTE]

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    Thanks deershooter could you resend pics they wond display on my iPad, thanks

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