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Thread: Rem 204 700vls

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    SOLD SOLD Rem 204 700vls

    SOLD SOLD Afternoon all,I have for sale the following rifle;
    It is a remington 700vls in 204r varmint laminate,These are the most accurate production rifles they produce.
    The rifle delivers tack-driving accuracy with a resin impregnated laminate stock and has a monte carlo cheek piece.The solid action is fitted with a 26" heavy varmint barrel for ultimate long range accuracy.
    The rifle was bought by myself from new 15 months ago and to date has fired less than 150 rounds.It comes factory screw cut at 5/8unf and has a thread protector,iI have also had the trigger polished to give a nice crisp break as this was poor straight out the box.
    The rifle is in 8/10 condition with a few small scratches on the stock and a very slight bushing mark off my mod that can be seen if light hits the barrel in a certain way.There are some scratches on the trigger guard but none of the above affects the rifles accuracy.These are all minor marks and have taken pictures to show where i can.
    This rifle will produce 1/2 inch groups with factory ammo 32gr and is devastation on anything it hits, It also comes with bases so just sit a scope on and away you go.

    All this rifle for 650 (cost me 1050)

    Pictures can be sent via email
    Would prefer face to face but will rfd to rfd at buyers cost.
    This rifle is advertised else where
    Email @
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    One and only price drop 595
    All the best

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    Pm on its way
    All the best

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