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Thread: any mot testers on here a quick qustion

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    any mot testers on here a quick qustion

    The metal dust guards on disc brakes do you need them for a mot one of mine is kaput and rubbing on the disc can i just remove them or are they needed ?

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    not complusary for mot can just be removed

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    Cheers Mate

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    certainly not needed

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    I think some of the"serious" mud plugging fraternity take them off to start with...

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    usually they fall off, after you have had a stone in there, and it ruins a disc they get removed.

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    it is the condition of the brake pads and discs that are taken in to consideration as well as brake performance , if all are well i would pass it and i have been testing many years .


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    Thanks all for your help

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    anti shake /squeal dust covers you don't need them to pass an mot, i go through stop locks like water when off road so i do't replace them any more

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