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Thread: Deer on Countryfile tonight - BBC1!

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    Deer on Countryfile tonight - BBC1!

    Heads up!
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    Country File

    Deer on CountryFile on now heads-up........

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    countryfile on now

    discussing the problems of Deer over population on now.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    some nice deer,,,

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    The BBC are actually showing someone with a rifle.

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    Anyone noticed the wild fallow near the houses at least one had ear tags !

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    I was more interested in the fact NORTHAMPTONSHIRE was on the show ,we don't have the same deer problem as Suffolk ,Norfolk ..........................UNFORTUNANTLY !


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    Same old drum being beaten, showing the same piece of film taken off Youtube (I believe) of Fallow in Ashdown Forest. Pity the Forestry Commission dosnt open up more land for stalking in England. I find it funny that they always seem to have a FC stalker and refer to areas mostly under FC control, that still seem to have deer problems.
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    That's right on my doorstep that concrete tunnel they were interviewing was an old road they cut off when they built the m25, I've walked through there many a times.

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    Figures were way off IMO

    FC cull 1100 deer in a huge area.....
    100,000 as a total estimated cull in England.....

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