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Thread: Chamois, bouquetin and bearded vultures

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    Chamois, bouquetin and bearded vultures

    Not quite stalking related, but just spent very pleasant couple of hours walking up above La Fornet in Val d'Isere watching a large bouquetin (ibex), some females with young and also several chamois bouncing around the rocks. The a bearded vulture flew in. Not bad end to the day having been ski touring most of day with nice powder snow. Friend I was with has skied here for a long time, but had never really seen all the chamois and bouquetin - I saw about 30 and after about half an hour his eyes were beginning to see them. Would love to try and stalk in close sometime with a camera or a rifle.

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    I think theres a lot to be said for stalking with a camera..

    Quite a place by the sounds of it
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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