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Thread: Fac?

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    I currently live at home with my parents, mums a serious hypocrite eats meat and all that ****, but is totally against the idea of me shooting and god forbid i had a gun in the house.

    I don't have anyone that i can really ask if i could keep a cabinet in there house either, would this stop me getting a FAC opened for deer calibre as i wont have a rifle to put on it, and no land?

    I'm a complete novice so excuse my ignorance.

    Many Thanks

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    hi there,
    well im no fac expert, but i dont think they would grant you an FAC with no where to store them, although i did but it was 10 years ago. not sure what past experance you have but i dont think you will get an open FAC either, in fact you will do well to get an deer size cal.
    may be you best bet is to join a club. You also need land to for justifcation of owning the rifle to, its worth a look on the BASC website lots of useful info there.
    good luck

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    What would be the point of applying for a certificate pezz if you don't intend to buy a rifle? In any case the police will not grant you a certificate unless you can show good reason and also have suitable provision for safe keeping. Sorry but I am not following your train of thought.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Ok simon, thanks for getting back to me, i somehow thought it would be a negative respone tbh :/.

    One thinks its time to move out and find somewhere i can keep a cabinet.

    Any idea of how you get a fac opended for a deer calibre?

    Many thanks

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    As i know of people who have rifles but have no room in there cabinet. I'm guessing its not the same as a SGN as you can use a shotgun as longs as its on your certificate? Or is it completely different and as i said 8x57 i'm a complete novice and trying to find out some information.

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    The best bet is to phone your local Firearms Enquiries Officer (FEO) and have a chat...

    One option could be to approach your local Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) and ask if they will store the rifle for you. The downside is that you'll need them to open at bl**dy unsociable times if you are stalking in the summer, but the upside is that you'll have a rifle to go stalking with - and possibly prove to your Mum that you are responsible enough, and can have the cabinet at home after all...

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    No it's not the same as a shotgun certificate pezz. If you were sharing a cabinet all the firearms in the cabinet that you would have access to would have to be on your certificate, and the other person would also have to have authority to hold your rifle on their certificate. There are ways that this can be done but it can get complicated and the police are reluctant to agree to this unless the two people are closely related.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Ok. Lets get down to basics. Why do you want a rifle?
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    hi pezz,
    when you have sorted your cabinet issue out, i still cant see you being granted an open FAC, it does depend on you FLO, but i would say it may be a few years to it open, but you will also need to sort your land out to

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    Thanks iain, i'll send a few emails and also contact the local gun club to see what they can do in relation to storing it, and also about joining it.

    Thanks 8x57, also would i have to land to be granted a FAC or could i justify it for using it at the gun club, or would it be for the gun club and gun club only? Also how would i be granted it for a deer sized cal?

    Many Thanks

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