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Thread: Meet my bitch, Molly.

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    Meet my bitch, Molly.

    This is my lab, with a couple of deer she helped me out with. She is called Molly. OR as the wife calls her, a bloody nuiscance.

    Read the instructions from Beowulf. Hope this has worked.

    Bloodyhell, it`s worked.

    Silly bitch. Not sure if she likes her photo taken.

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    Hi Wadas,
    I'm glad it worked. Its a shame the last email you sent me didn't! Beautiful dog mate. I've been told by the old battleaxe that I can't have another dog!

    For sale one wife sightly used, good cook.

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    Thanks Beowulf.

    Been scratching my head for ages thinkin how to upload pics then looked at those ones you put on, the grass snake ones, and took a few pointers.

    Would consider the wife, but unfortunately i`ve got one myself, I may consider a part x for some stalking ground Quick she`s coming, wow, that was close.

    Did you copy and paste that web address? cos when i tried it, it did it straight away. Here it is again, just copy, paste onto google, when you open it scroll down down left side to pictures and look at muntyboys photos. this is my mate with a bit of stuff we shot together.


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    Hi wadas, I'll try it tomorrow as my brand new computer keeps crashing and the Norton anti virus is off line too! Thats the third computer in two weeks thats broken! Soddin pc world.

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