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Thread: Bullet proof Hinds....they walked across the 1000 yard range at Bisley today

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    Bullet proof Hinds....they walked across the 1000 yard range at Bisley today

    They actually walked right under where we were shooting but by time I got the camera they had moved across a bit, about 20 of them.

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    I bet your finger was twitching a bit.

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    It was a bit of a "Watership Down" moment where they all come running over the hills
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    I've had the same happen to me. Shooting 1000yrds and a string of does started wandering across at about 500 yrds away, then followed a huge master buck with neck collar on. Didn't seem at all bothered by us.

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    we were on the running deer club at bisley last year before we started the ro gave us his bit and behind him trotted a nice roe buck ,he never worked out why we were all pissing ourselves he thought takeing the pee of his range brief

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    Nice clips there it reminds of many yrs ago on Bere island with the reserve Defence Forces during a winter camp when we were on the range with the Bren machine guns and a fox came walking along from right to left there were six of us the on the firing line and the order was given to fire Paddock Pizza.

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    Whats the rule if you hit one? is it like driving where you cant pick it up but the next guy can?

    Or maybe its like the rule on tracer, if you need to go down range to put out a fire that is fine but we aren't stopping our normal shooting, could make an interesting retrieval.

    In all seriousness they mentioned this on the RCO course, "No need to stop shooting as long as everyone is comfortably hitting the target" would be different if they were much closer to the firing point or the target though. The army are apparently often encourage as mentioned before.


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    Lifetime ban from Bisley if you shoot one.
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