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Thread: Lead shot/ammunition petition

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    Lead shot/ammunition petition

    JUST IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS UNDER Ammunition, Reloading & Ballistics. . .

    Lead shot/ammunition petition

    Good morning

    Wanted to make everybody aware that there is an e-petition organised by the Countryside Alliance to save lead shot/ammunition. Link below if it's something you wish to support

    Email your support

    Best wishes


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    Just to put this in perspective, all those of you that currently use a 243 to shoot deer in England will not be able to do so if the powers that be get their way,as there is at this moment no 100gn non lead alternative, and if there was then it
    would be very unlikely that it would fit in your mag becuase they are long for weight,and require a different twist.
    In Scotland you would not be able to shoot where the law requires a 100gn bullet.
    Thus making your 243 worthless...

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    I see lead shot mentioned a lot. No mention of rifle bullets and stalking though..... again.

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    just returned from scotland and having spent a few hours with the rangers who are now on copper bullets ,there more than happy with them, in fact there veiw is that there better than the lead ,these boys shoot hundreds of deer per year , it now has me thinking a bit more differently about them , nobody likes compulsary changes , me included , but i am open minded about it now.

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    I dont think i'd be happy to stop using my car if THEY decided that diesel is illegal as of tommorow. THEY continually erode our freedom of choice. THEY need to come up with a better alternative that suits everyone and not just pander to the holier than thou, misinformed, risk assessed, do gooder. If your gun runs on lead then surely THEY shouldn't be allowed to tell you that, if it wont run on anything else, then its tough. You cant use your gun anymore and your off to court or worse.

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    Lead is a posion, that is fact, and lead shot is, to any bird that ingests grit an extended death sentence.

    But, having said that, I can't see the logic on lead free bullets and, indeed, the lead shot ban legislation encated some years ago specifically EXCLUDED lead shot of over a certain weight.

    As far as the Countryside Alliance go I fear that this is more to do about raising the profile of the CA (so that monies can come in to be used to lobby for houndsports) than any other reason...

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    Well I could be cynical about the CA too, especially as I'm not a member and not particularly interested in Fox hunting on horseback but at least someone is raising this subject if only for shotguns.

    Anyway I lobbied the MP's by email and had one answer which may be of some interest especially what is said about the "UK's shooting lobby". . .

    Dear Mr H...

    Thank you for your recent email, addressed to Stuart Agnew MEP. I am replying on his behalf.

    I can confirm that Mr Agnew will oppose any EU legislation to restrict the use of lead shot. This is yet another example of the European Commission barging in at the behest of the Green Lobby (which in the European Parliament contains a significant number of Communists). Mr Agnew has used a shotgun since the age he was legally allowed to carry one and is well aware of this issue and the implications that stem from it.

    He does, however, have one reservation, which he would like you to pass on to the lobbying organisations for your sport. There are growing numbers of farmed poultry ranging outdoors in the UK. Lead shot should not be allowed to fall onto these areas, in any significant quantity. He is confident that the sport can regulate itself in this regard, without interference from the EU.

    The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), to which you refer, is what can be described as an EU controlled agency which has specifically been created to enforce the REACH Directive. This Agency has the power to change rules without any reference to MEPs and serves as a very good example of the undemocratic way in which we are governed by the EU. Indeed, it is far from clear to whom the ECHA is actually accountable.

    MEPs can produce an 'own initiative' report in response to constituents’ concerns. This would take the form of 'calling on the Commission’ to take such and such an action. However, the Commission, even in the face of a massive majority, is not obliged to take action. As it is the only EU Institution with the power to propose legislation, they can ignore us if they choose.

    We can sign 'written declarations’ and if they attract enough signatures, this can have a deterrent effect but the Commission is still likely to ignore them. However, that is a worst case scenario. The Commission is not stupid and will bend if it feels it expedient. We should be able to find many sympathetic MEPs from rural constituencies in the UK and in countries where there is a strong country sports lobby or sporting gun manufacturing base, such as France, Italy and Spain.

    Mr Agnew feels it is time that the UK's shooting lobby got together en mass (a la the US NRA) to resist all government/green inspired attacks. Unfortunately it was due to short-sighted attitudes that we lost first carbines, then pistols. This was largely due to the shotgun lobby’s ‘ostrich’ mentality which meant that they adopted a policy of: "I don't shoot carbines or pistols so they can't hurt me!”. As a result we are weaker now and the anti-gun lobby will continue to peck away at our rights and freedoms. Much can be achieved by a more co-ordinated approach.

    Mr Agnew has commissioned a research report into this issue (please see attached), which we hope you will find of interest.

    Please rest assured that Mr Agnew will be closely monitoring the progress of the ECHA investigation and proposes to attend any European Parliamentary committee meetings at which it will be discussed.

    We will write to you again with further updates, as and when events dictate.

    Best wishes,

    Stuart Gulleford
    Political Advisor to Stuart Agnew MEP

    Office of Stuart Agnew MEP
    UK Independence Party
    145 New London Road
    CM2 0QT
    Tel: 01245 266466
    Fax: 01245 252071

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