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Thread: Larder food grade sanitizer / cleaner

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    Larder food grade sanitizer / cleaner

    Hi Guys

    Any info would be brilliant

    what do you reckon the best food grade sanitizer and cleaner that can be used safely for cleaning larders and the equipment, including the stalking knives is available on the market and where to get it if poss. or what anyone using at the moment



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    "Bacto Detsan" fluid is what I have been useing cleaning out my pickup cab/blood trays etc and "Byosan" spray for surfaces etc
    Think I picked up from bushwear or scobies, food safe and came highly recommended from someone in the food trade.
    Google will help on the above.

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    Sola-bac from Clover Chemicals,probably the best we have come across for removing blood and grease,plus its a bacteriacide.
    I would reccommend that you use gloves as this will strip the oils out of skin leaving them very dry indeed.

    Clover Chemicals Ltd - UK - Sola Bac

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    Cheers guys



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