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Thread: [Film] Sako 6.5x47 Lapua

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    [Film] Sako 6.5x47 Lapua

    I had a number of requests for information about my rifle in the previous films, so here is a short film about it. Overview of rifle and cartridge, some very short LR shooting clips, and some hunting footage with the rifle.

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    Thanks for sharing that with us, it takes a lot of time and effort to put these things together.
    Very nice set up....currently building very similar combination.

    Great to see you get the same SH*T weather that we get!!!!

    Might pick your brains in the future

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    Nicely filmed, you can even pick up the bullet trace on steel targets!

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    Yep. agreed, very well put together, i love my Sako 75 (.243) and i was also impressed with the scope covers, especially after breaking several others by a well known manufacturer.
    You just whetted my appetite you go to NZ, but not just the hunting, fly fishing as well!

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    Great video.looks a impressive calibre for all round hunting and range work. And offers great accuracy and barrel life.

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    Very well put together piece of film, thanks for sharing.

    ​look forward to more of the same.
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    Thanks! Googeling the scope covers now!

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    Great film.

    Someone ought to start selling those scope covers over hear. They'd do very well.

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    great scope covers and a very nice vid
    enjoyed that thanks.

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    exellent well put together,
    thanks for sharing, atb wayne
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