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Thread: Geco 243 ammunition

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    Geco 243 ammunition

    I was just wondering where I could get hold of some of the 105 grain Geco 243 ammunition, does anyone have any dealers nearby that stock them regularly? I livee on the Norfolk/Suffolk boarder and it appears no-one round here stocks them, but I'm willing to travel to find some.

    Just wanted to give a box or two a go in all honesty, if anyone could help me source some it would be ideal! Didnt fancy going straight through RUAG to start with.

    Cheers guys

    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Give Steve at the Stutley Gun and Equine (Sandy / Biggleswade) shop. I picked up a couple of boxes from him the other week and he had some in then. They don't group as tight as the Lapua 100 gr but at half the price they do the job and will see me right till i get my reloads sorted out.

    Win Mod 70

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    Ahh ideal that's pretty close to one of my mates actually. Was just curious to see what they would group like out of my T3 really. Pretty good price too so thought it was worth a go. Could you pm me his contact details please WinMod70? And do you know of anyone else in the area who stocks them?
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Mallard barn next to me has them Charles

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    Ideal Tom, ill try and get over there sometime this week!!
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Hope that you got sorted and that they work ok, if you are in the market and willing to travel or rfd if possible then gunshopeb in Hertfordshire have some @ 97-00 per 100.
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    Try the country store just outside Cambridge it is where I buy mine. They are very good rounds for deer, but have not found them the best on foxes. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieg43 View Post
    Was just curious to see what they would group like out of my T3 really.
    My T3 hates them, cloverleaf at 100m with Fed Powershok 100gn, groups about 1 inch with Geco 105.

    As noted above, the Country Store in Sawston, Cambridge used to stock them.

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    A friend bought some from the country store, Sawston last weekend. 19.30 iirc

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    Anyone tried there .308 bullets?

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