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    steiner bino,s

    hi has anyone gor any experience with the 8x44 nighthunter my local gunshop has got some in,iv,e been thinking of changing my swaro,s 7x50 slc to something a little bit lighter or maybe i should just stick with my swaro,s. what do you guys think.
    the scudd

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    Hi Scudd,
    I use Steiner nighthunter 8x56 which will no doubt be heavier than the ones you are looking at but I think the optical quality is excellent. We have a holiday apartment and one of the visitors was a bird watcher who could not see why anybody would pay Steiner price. I took her out and used her binos to look at the woodland at the bottom of the field. You could see a wall of black which was the face of the treeline. Got her to do the same and then handed her the Steiners. "Bloody hell, I can see right through the trees and, My god, there's a fox!"

    Never buy from a shop that won't let you try them in the conditions under which you want to be using them, unless you've used someone elses and now what they will do.

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    I had a fibreglass pair second hand once, very high quality, just someone else had all the goodness out of them! they are or were issue to german police & border agencies.

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