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Thread: Once-fired .243 cases

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    Once-fired .243 cases

    Once-fired but uncleaned cases, choice of brands: Remington, Geco, PPU, Federal, Winchester, S&B. Also some .308 Winchester. 19.50 per 100, posted. Smaller quantities pro-rata.
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    Hi mate have you got 100 norma if so il take them

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    hi. can i have 100 sako please. cheers kane

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    Hi Kane. I only have 70 I'm afraid. Pro rata that would be 10.50. They weigh less than a kilo so p&p would be 3.50 making 14.00.

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    Sorry, the 90 Norma I had have gone, subject to payment.
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    cheers neil. i will take the 70 sako if you still have them. how do you want the money sent? regards kane

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    Hi. I'll pm you my bank details for a transfer or you can send a cheque if you prefer, or phone me with a card. Thanks, please check your inbox.

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    Would you please clarify if you are a trader of sorts or not, as not many non traders, if any, have the facility to take plastic. I do not want to hear that you are a bookshop and just happen to have a lot of personal brass lying around.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hi neil. i can send a cheque but if you have paypal i can use that to be quicker. regards kane

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    Hi. Strange but true! Have pm'd you with details.


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