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Thread: man shot whilst rabbiting

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    man shot whilst rabbiting

    just heard it on the radio,police say it was an accident

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    Yes just heard it to. man in shorpshire shot while out rabbiting is all i heard

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    Quote Originally Posted by al4x1 View Post
    sounds like a tragic but avoidable accident

    that article really doesn't give much away..

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    'It is believed the man was taking part in one of three or four organised hunting trips held at the farm each year. The Shropshire Star reported that two men were understood to be passing through a gate between fields when one behind stumbled - and his gun fired, shooting his friend.'

    Tragic whatever the circumstances and our thoughts should be with the mans family and friends
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    I'm really sorry for the fellows family and friends. A certain sympathy for the idiot who shot him too. He wont do that again.

    People do the dumbest things. Stumbling around in the dark with loaded guns and people in front of them.

    One can only hope he died doing something he loved.

    A Tragic waste of life.
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    Damn just shows how careful we all need to be out in the field fella's, bad things do happen!!
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    Such a shame. One can only hope it was quick. (I haven't yet read the articles just the comments on here)

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